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Unpacking the World of Refurbished Electronics: Grasping the Grading System and Its Implications

26 May 2023
Refurbished Electronics in KSA

As technology evolves at lightning speed, refurbished electronics emerge as an affordable and eco-friendly option as compared to buying brand new devices. But what does "refurbished" entail, and how does one interpret the grading system? In this comprehensive guide, we'll navigate through the market of refurbished gadgets and highlight why Revibe is the ultimate choice for Saudi Arabia customers.

Decoding Refurbishment

Refurbished electronics are pre-owned devices that undergo professional scrutiny, repair, and restoration to a condition as good as new. Before they reach customers, these devices are stringently tested for performance and reliability, offering an economical choice for those seeking top-tier hardware without burning a hole in their pockets.

Deciphering the Grading System at

The refurbishment grading system is a globally accepted standard that conveys the condition of the device to the buyer. Here's a breakdown of what each grade signifies:


  • In impeccable condition, as if untouched
  • Both the battery life and technical health of the device are at their peak
  • Battery health exceeds 95%

All products on Revibe have been extensively tested and are guaranteed to function perfectly.

Very Good: 

  • Slight scratches, barely visible from a 20 cm distance
  • The device's technical condition surpasses the average, as per Revibe's standards
  • Battery health is over 90%
  • All devices on Revibe have passed thorough functionality tests and are 100% operational


  • Visible scratches and potential marks
  • The technical condition is in line with Revibe's average quality standards
  • Battery health above 85%

Every device on has undergone comprehensive testing for functionality.

Why is the Grading System Crucial?

Getting the hang of the grading system for refurbished electronics is key to making a knowledgeable purchase. It enables you to gauge the device's physical appearance and anticipate its reliability. Bear in mind that while all grades ensure operational efficacy, higher grades hint at superior cosmetic condition.

The Advantages of Choosing Refurbished

Cost-effectiveness: Refurbished devices offer you the advantage of affordability without compromising on performance or dependability.

Eco-friendly: Opting for refurbished electronics is a viable method to contribute towards environmental conservation and also save money.

Quality Assurance: Refurbished devices pass through stringent testing and repair phases to ensure they function as well as new ones.

Navigating the Refurbished Market with Revibe

Revibe is the preferred destination in the KSA for purchasing refurbished electronics. They offer a broad spectrum of top-notch refurbished electronics at competitive prices. distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to quality assurance. Each device passes through a thorough examination and refurbishment procedure to guarantee optimal performance and trustworthiness. Regardless of whether you're purchasing a pristine, great, or good device, you can be confident that it aligns with our rigorous quality benchmarks.

Moreover, recognizes the significance of trust in the refurbished market. They provide a 12-month warranty and a 10-day money-back guarantee on their devices, providing customers with reassurance and guaranteeing their satisfaction in the long run.

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